thumbnail bycicle easy 1 h 45 min 240m➚➘
at: Saint-Chamas, Bouches-du-Rhône
The St. Chamas Heritage Trail by bike
Lots of bridges and aqueducts

MTB tour

thumbnail MTB tour difficult 2 h 45 min 157m➚➘
at: Saint-Mitre-les-Remparts, Bouches-du-Rhône
The lakes around St. Blaise by mountain bike
Cycle below sea level and explore traces of ancient Greek presence
thumbnail MTB tour difficult 1 h 220m➚➘
at: Beaumont-de-Pertuis, Vaucluse
The Chapel Sainte-Croix above Beaumont-de-Pertuis by MTB
Easy way up, nice views and a harsh descent
thumbnail MTB tour easy 30 min 82m➚➘
at: Villars, Vaucluse
The Cabrone troglodyte dwellings by mountain bike
A short but very rough forest road with short steep sections
thumbnail MTB tour easy 45 min 280m➚➘
at: Villars, Vaucluse
The Chapel St. Pierre in its canyon by mountain bike
Up from Grands Cléments and back via Clapasson
thumbnail MTB tour difficult 2 h 30 min 390m➚➘
at: Monieux, Vaucluse
Gorges de la Nesque and Rocher du Cire by mountain bike
The difficult part first in the canyon and back on the easy road